Our Current Facilities

Heim Units GmbH partners with Cromogenia Units, S.A. of Barcelona, Spain in 2016.  

In 1942, Cromogenia Units, S.A., was founded by the Cabestany, Guilera, Sant, GuixĂ  and Ayuso families. Celebrating over 75 years in business, they also are led by the third generation of its founders. Production plants are currently in Spain, Argentina, Mexico and China with Commerical Laboratories in Brazil, Chile and Italy - its headquarters remain located in Barcelona, Spain. 

Our Production Facility in Spain with our Partner, Cromogenia Units, S.A. 

Our production facility meets the highest of quality standards known in our industry producing high-quality, environmentally friendly products that offer better performance, less cost and with the cleanest technology! 

Current Facility in Germany
Valterweg 24 -25
65817 Eppstein-Bremthal Germany